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FORDOG is a community partner with the Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District.   
Park hours:   7 a.m. to sundown.   For emergencie:   Call 911;   General Park Information:  916-966-1036;   Maintenance Emergencies:  916-240-3651

During the rainy season, the dog park may be closed without notice, to protect the turf from excessive damage.   SIGN UP WITH THE PARK DISTRICT FOR EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS.

December 26, 2014

The Phoenix Dog Park is now open.  We hope you and your four legged friends get to enjoy the park soon! 

As a reminder the park will periodically close throughout the winter and spring when conditions become too wet.  This is done to help preserve the grass for year round enjoyment.  Notifications will be sent out to inform you of any such closures. 

Request E-Mail notifications from the Park District regarding dog park closures at:

Fair Oaks Recreational Park District

Dear FORDOG Members:

As you are aware, the Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District (FORPD) is proposing changes to the dog park, as noted in our prior email communications, member survey, and website postings. 

Since we last communicated with you, the FORDOG Board has met with FORPD staff several times to offer our input on those proposed improvements. FORDOG's goal is to ensure our members' input is considered and incorporated in any final decisions.

While the park district's plans continue to include the proposed changes in seating and signage, new state water reduction mandates have forced the park district to make their first priority water reduction. They have embarked on a plan to reduce grass in portions of all their parks, where they can, while still maintaining the feel of a green park that we all value.

Accordingly, they have asked us to explore with them alternative turf options for parts of the Phoenix Dog Park.  Their goal is to continue to provide an attractive  dog and human friendly dog park, but one that is not so heavily reliant on water usage.  FORDOG's goal is to find a compromise solution that balances our civic responsibility to do our part to respond to the drought, with the understandable preference many of our members have for the green grassy dog park we are all used to. 

To that end, the FORDOG Board has visited other dog parks in the greater Sacramento and Placer County areas, both on our own and together with FORPD staff.  We are looking at what other parks are using for turf - that requires less water and still works well for canine and human park users.

In our field trips, we have talked with park users, reached out to their park district staff, and contacted our sister dog park associations to get the broadest feedback on the pros and cons of the decisions they made.  Both FORDOG and FORPD staff have also independently researched other options used in dog parks across the state.

In response to what we have learned, the FORDOG Board unanimously agreed to support in principle, those options that would allow us to keep some grassy areas, while still doing our part for water conservation through the use of other mediums in portions of the dog park. At this time, we are working with the park district on a plan that would retain some grass in both the large and small dog areas, but reduce the area of grass primarily through the use of  Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF), with some limited use of decomposed granite (DG) or concrete for access paths into the park.  (We have attached brief information about EWF below.)

We understand that many of our dog park users just want grass and may feel compelled to oppose any compromise proposal that reduces the grassy areas and uses other mediums. But we came to the conclusion that our leadership role requires us to support policies that balance our responsibilities to our dog park community with our broader civic responsibilities to be part of community water conservation efforts.

At this time, no decisions have been made, and the process is likely to continue for some time before it comes to the full park district board for action.  The issue is currently before the Capitol Improvement Committee, a subcommittee of the FORPD Board, and they are just beginning their work. They have encouraged and listened to our input and we will continue to provide it.  We also understand that a larger public meeting with park users will be part of the process, prior to any final action by the park district board.

It is FORDOG's intent to keep you updated throughout. At the end of the day, we want our members to be fully informed - so you can make up your own minds based on timely and accurate information.  We encourage you to email us at with your questions, concerns, advice, support or opposition.  And we especially welcome your good ideas!

We will keep you posted.

The FORDOG Board

Ellen Burmester
Janet Kahle
Linda McGlothen
Lloyd Price
Sandy Silberstein


Engineered Wood Fiber is used in playgrounds and equestrian facilities and considered safe for children and animals. Made of specially ground wood fibers, it helps reduce mud puddles, craters, dust and dirt - especially when used in  dog parks.

Engineered Wood Fiber is made from specially ground "virgin" wood fibers that have been screened to yield random-sized particles that generally do not exceed 1⁄2′′ x 2′′ in size. This longer shape, along with the smaller-size particles, aids in the interlocking process to reduce movement and eliminate splinters. Because the long fibers tend to mat down and interlock together, the surface actually improves with age and use to resist movement and absorb impact.

Engineered Wood Fiber is only made from virgin lumber sources to avoid contaminants and is suitable for use by both children and dogs. Engineered Wood Fiber is ADA accessible and exceeds ASTM F-1951 accessibility requirements.

Engineered Wood Fiber is installed at least 4-6 inches deep (no underlayment or geotextile should be used). A certain amount of maintenance (adding additional product and/or redistributing) is periodically needed to maintain a uniform depth.

  •         Safe for children and animals
  •         Natural, chemical-free play surface
  •         Easy to install and maintain, durable
  •         Less messy compared to sand and other playground/dog park materials
  •         Allows dog park to be open 365 days a year
  •         ADA Accessible
  •         Allow the park district to decrease water usage and water costs
  •         Allows available water to be used for low-use features such as: 
  •         Mister fire hydrants made specifically for dogs
  •         Spray heads that pop-up with the push of the button to cool things down and allow dogs to run through for 30-60 seconds at a time
  •         Shallow built in dog wading pools necessary to allow dogs to cool off
  •         Dog & human drinking fountains
Send us your E-Mail Address.   FORDOG keeps their mailings to a minimum, but it's a great way to let our Dog Park users know quickly if we need assistance such as donated bags, tennis balls, or if we need volunteers for a K9 event.   FORDOG never gives out anyone's address. We consider that private information. 

Please send your E-Mail address to FORDOG95628@GMail.Com or  E-Mail us if you have any questions about the Dog Park. 

Thanking you in advance for your support.


The Phoenix Dog Park has been a very successful community project since its inception in 2002. We are establishing an excellant reputation in the neighborhood as a well-run facility that is an asset to the community.

The Dog Park was originally created as a "Test Case" with the Park District in 2001 and has proven so successful that the Park District included a new dog park in their 5-year Phoenix Park improvement plans. This new park was officially opened for business on October 22, 2006.

The FORDOG Steering Committee would like to thank all of the responsible dog owners (our "membership") who have helped keep our Dog Park safe and clean. We would also like to thank the many of you who have generously contributed to the support of Phoenix Dog Park in so many ways.


FORDOG ( Fair Oaks Responsible Dog Owners Group) is a volunteer organization of dog owners who support the off-leash facility at Phoenix Park in Fair Oaks, California .  Our primary purpose is to work with the Fair Oaks Recreation and Parks District  to ensure the success of this dog park.  We also support activities and organizations that promote the health, welfare and sociability of dogs in our community.  To achieve these goals, we:

Provide input and support for Fair Oaks Dog Park.
Provide volunteers to help maintain and keep up the dog park.
Engage in fundraising activities to enhance dog park utility.

"It takes a village to raise a dog."

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